Man has always been preoccupied with how to keep track of time. Things like sundials and hourglasses, along with alarm clocks and grandfather clocks, remind us that humans have always been fascinated with the notion of telling time. A lot of variations on the wrist watch have been designed ever since the late 19th century when this product was invented. Examples include underwater watches, watches designed for outer space, military adapted watches, watches for blind people, and so on.

We highlight here the wood watch, which is among the most intriguing of them.

The wood watch was based on previous pocket watches and, since it is hypoallergenic, is great for those whose skin is sensitive. Naturally, when we use the term “wood watch”, we don’t always mean a watch made only of wood. You can get models that have a combination of copper ornamentation and wood replete with a strap made from wood that has a more vintage look, as well as those models where a wood flap covers even the stainless steel back of the piece in the center.

In terms of style, a wood watch is right on target.

The particulars of the material do not allow for mass production and each is hand crafted. You might not realize that many shades of wood can be found, from darkest ebony to lightest maple woods. That means every design is unique and is rendered even more so when the natural skin oils eventually blend with the wood to make it even more personal. In addition, the texture and shade of wood changes as years go on, developing a patina over time.

One advantage of a wood watch is that it’s very light and therefore very comfortable to wear.

In addition, because wood is not as vulnerable to temperature as metal, this is a very durable item. For those who love nature, a wood watch enhances their connection, making one feel even closer to mother earth’s power and energy.

With regard to it being ecologically sound, you can find manufacturers who are dealing more and more with this, meaning their raw materials are from woodlands where one tree gets planted every time another is taken; in addition, there is automatic watch movement that doesn’t rely on a battery and there is shipping via water instead of by plane; all of this lessens the carbon footprint of the item.