Inspired by the natural beauty of wood, our watches are more than just time pieces. They represent the connection between the earth and ourselves, they give the bearer a higher value for time and they give others a glimpse of who you really are.

The world is saturated with cold, hard, man-made lines that disconnect us from the earth that we came from. Asphalt roads keep our feet from touching the earth. Metal skyscrapers replace the flourishing life of forests, jungles and rivers. How can we feel in touch with who we really are if our if we can’t escape the un-natural world?

Our wooden watches represent the grounded elements of the soul, and the natural relationship between who we are and where we came from. When worn, our watches give the user the connection with earth that we’re missing from our modern lives.

Time is more than just a word or an idea. Most of us have forgotten that it’s one of the most valuable things we have. It’s easy to get caught up in our everyday lives and to throw our time away, giving it to people and things that don’t really mean anything to us. How can we be more in tune to how valuable our time is?

Created with precision and craftsmanship, our watches took time to make and were made to be valuable which is passed on to the bearer. When worn, our watches give the user a higher respect for time and will constantly be reminded of the value in each minute of the day.

A watch tells a small story about a person. A watch can uncover the fact that a man is poor or rich, extravagant or humble, relaxed or constantly moving. When you look at a watch, ask yourself what mood does that watch represent? What does this watch tell others about the person wearing it?

Our watches convey a natural style that connect us with earth and a charming sense of comfort and confidence that conveys value.

What is your place in life? What do you represent? Are you as rare as the watches we sell? From Bamboo to Oak to Pine, choose the wood that represents your character, show your love for earth, your value for time and give the people around you a glimpse of who you really are.